About Marishka


She's Vivacious, Dynamic, and Entertaining...

..and she's a psychic medium! Marishka is a certified Hypnotist, a Master Time Empowerment Practioner, a Master NLP Practitioner, and a Dynamic Speaker.

Marishka has a thriving private practice helping people, using her skills in Hypnosis, Tarot, Palmreading, Numerology and Clairvoyance, accumulated over more than twenty-five years. Her intuition is uncanny , and she has the ability to guide and teach people in all aspects of their lives.

She is a Master NLP practitioner, and Hypnotist, and has been studying the ancient wisdom of Huna, in Hawaii. These teachings have parallels in other shamanistic teachings, including the teachings of Tantra in India, from where we have the studies of Yoga and meditation.

In addition to her private practice, she does presentations for conferences and corporations, live Radio shows and private parties. She can talk on many topics, including a series of Hypnotherapy presentations on Creation of Wealth and Prosperity, Stress Release, Weight Reduction and Smoking Cessation. These are reinforced with CD's that she has produced and also books that she has written.

Marishka is a dynamic speaker who loves sharing her knowledge, guiding and teaching individuals to lead a more fulfilling life and to have FUN. She could be just that added ingredient that makes your next function sizzle.