Everything is named or numbered, but few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence their experience, progress, and communication.

- Juno Jordan

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Do you have a favorite Number? Have you noticed that one specific number keeps popping up in your life? There is a reason. Each number has a vibration as well as a distinct energy pattern, and the numbers you were born with - your Birthday, and the name on your Birth Certificate - will influence your life forever! Your Numbers will tell you how to get the most out of life - ignore them at your peril! Numerology can help you live successfully, happily and in harmony with yourself and those around you. Every number tells a story. The best thing about numerology is that all you need to know is your birth name and your birth date. From these two pieces of information, you can create your personal numerology chart.

The numerology chart has 5 core numbers:

  1. Life Path Number
  2. Destiny Number
  3. Soul Number
  4. Personality Number
  5. Maturity Number

Taken together, these five numbers paint a portrait of YOU, both the secret you and the you that everyone else sees. Numbers are all around us. They create energy and help us to find our personal days, months, and years. With Numerology to guide us, we can live our lives by the numbers! It is the language of numbers, as well as a system of relating numbers and names that teach us about the human condition. Not only does numerology tell us about ourselves, it gives us information about the people around us. It can help us to:

  1. Understand transitions and changes Learn more about the psychological conditions around us. Make sense of the cycles in our lives. Identify our challenges
  2. Use our talents and gifts to the best advantage.

Are you trying to figure out your life? Are you curious about your future? Of the many ways to wisdom and to the heart, Numerology is one of the simplest. It is the study of the spiritual qualities of numbers and letters. Throughout the years, the accuracy of the numbers has been astounding. Numerology explains the various personalities within different families, and it can also highlight the possible attractions and conflicts between couples. Numerology confirms life decisions about when to move, change jobs, or start new projects. Numerology is a study of what names and numbers mean and it is based on the concept that your birth name and birth date paint a detailed portrait of who you are, and what your potentials and challenges have been and will be.

Once you have learned what your numbers have to say about you, you will have a convenient map for your life - both to show you the best roads and to keep you from ending up on a dead-end. We all have choices in life. We can go through life unaware and unknowing, or we can be aware and conscious. Numerology is a system for understanding the game plan for our time here on Earth, and for showing us how to alter it if we so desire. In Numerology all numbers are reduced to a single digit by adding their digits together. For example, the number 27 would be reduced to 2 + 7 = 9. The only exceptions to this are the master numbers 11, 22, and 33.Numbers do not have power over you. Numbers, as symbols, contain two major elements:

  1. A vibrational frequency that creates certain energy - like a magnet.
  2. A potential for spiritual attraction and connection.

The science of numerology shares certain beliefs with other metaphysical sciences, including Astrology, Tarot, and Palmistry. Some of those shared beliefs include:

  1. Your birth date has a definite effect on your life. A person is born into a certain life at a certain time with a certain name, all of which influence their life.
  2. Nothing happens by chance

Numerology helps us to:

  1. See ourselves more clearly Realize our talents and strengths Identify our personality type See how we can best accomplish our destiny.
  2. Discover what lessons we came to learn in this lifetime

One of numerology's greatest gifts is that it teaches us tolerance and acceptance of others, as well as who we are ourselves. As our self-awareness increases, we achieve a more objective view of our lives, and from this we can make better choices for how to live it There are Pythagoran, Chinese and Kabbala numerology systems. Of these, the most widely used is the Pythagoran, and that is the system that is used to produce your reports. They are based on the work of renowned numerologist Hans Decoz, and his book "Numerology, key to your inner self". To understand more about the specific numbers, click on the item in the index of available reports. To read about the software that I have selected click here .

The numerology print outs that you can buy come by mail in a beautifully bound book form, with the name of the recipient on the front cover, and each book is individually signed by me, Marishka. You can get a mini report of the Core Numbers, or a more complete profile. You can also get monthly and daily forecasts for your personal guidance or a book containing your full report with everything under one cover. The ultimate report contains everything in the full report, plus nine years of monthly projections and a daily prognosis for the next 24 months. I am so excited about our new Compatibility Numerology reports, because they will help you to answer all those important questions and many more.

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