The Name Advisor

Although based on the age-old science of numerology, this report is useful for anyone interested in the effect a name or name change can have. There are no references to numbers or numerology, and you don't have to know anything about numerology. Designed to analyze any name, number, or combination. Such as:

  • Children names
  • Name changes
  • Business names
  • Street addresses
  • City and other location names
  • Phone numbers
  • Car license plates
  • Product names
  • Pen or stage names
  • Tax id numbers
  • Book titles

Your current name or your full name at birth and much, much more. Send up to 8 names/numbers/text strings up to 80 characters long and your report will show a one to one and one-half page report on each name. After your order is accepted, we will contact you to get a list of the names that you wish to compare.

The reports are to the point and short. Each report contains 4 sections:

  1. The Dominant Impression: (Similar to the Expression) This is the most important and most revealing aspect of a name analysis, and is based on all the letters and numbers found in the name or text string you entered.
  2. The Vowel Vibration: (Similar to the Heart's Desire) This section explains the influence of the vowels.
  3. The Base Vibration: (Similar to the Personality) This section describes the influence of the underlying tone - the foundation of the name or text string.
  4. Overview: This section lets you know how the three main vibrations operate together and how they influence each other. This section rates the combinations using a system of stars. Each combination can have 0 to 5 stars. This is particularly unique because it is the first numerology software program that oversees all three core aspects. If you enter, for example, your full name at birth, this section will tell you how well your Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality work together!
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