• I'd love to give our amazing Marishka a Testimonial. I met her at a time right after I had a very stressful year and it was an 8th anniversary of my Canadian immigration. Previous years weren't much better-I have to admit. I used to have a whole luggage of things that slowed me down. These things I got during my childhood and adolescence and was carrying them out through all my life having problems in relationships with other people and my own children as well. After our session I felt total calmness and relief , my attitude has changed and it's three weeks so far- I steel can't change my behaviour 100% but my relationships went to a much better level. It was just one session. The best investment in myself ever!!! It's so amazing, I have the only regret that it didn't happened earlier in my life.

    Irina Arkhipova

  • If you are looking for a fun night with a sprinkle of wisdom, encouraging words and help to find your way in this world of choices and busy lifestyles, Marishka is your lady! She lights up the room with a vivacious smile while she offers you reassuring words for those of us that might be fearful or uncertain of delving into the “psychic world” or learning about the components that make us unique. You never have to worry about being embarrassed or something being said that would be considered “private” because this lady gets it. You can feel she genuinely loves people and that she is not in this business to change the world or you; she just wants you to have some light fun and laughter. However if you wish, she can offer you a more serious sit down in private. There is no pressure to do anything and all she wants is for you to enjoy yourself and not feel stressed. The group of ladies that attended my party were there to celebrate my retirement and have some fun. I knew each person in the group pretty well and I was impressed with the one word descriptions that Marishka offered each person, that really fit them very well. I loved it and so did the group of ladies that were there with me. Don’t hesitate to have Marishka join you and a group of people that want to have a night of fun and you never know, you might even come out knowing yourself a little better.

    Linda Rawlings
    Mattamy Homes, Milton

  • Marishka, is an incredible woman of HEART! She has a unique ability in guiding you to make choices in the right direction, while helping you gain clarity and finding solutions to life's challenges. Many of the conversations I've had with Marishka confirmed what I already knew in my heart, but hadn't given myself the permission to see, feel and act upon. I've grown as a person because of her coaching and guidance, and am grateful for her unwavering love, support and friendship. To know her is to love and respect her. I'm thankful that our paths have crossed and know it wasn't just for a reason, or a season, but for a lifetime.

    Shannon M Tobin

  • Let me tell you, right from the beginning, that I'm an agnostic and a very skeptical human being. Now however, I must share with you my recent experience, which shook my skepticism. At the same time, I have to recommend the person causing this. It is my dear friend Marishka. Her life experience brought her to a new crossroad and she decided to advance on her other abilities of her intuition.


    Eva Zatrak

  • Being a first time caller, I was initially very nervous when I spoke to Marishka. However, all of that changed after the first five seconds..she is a bundle of positive loving energy. Not only is she extremely accurate, but also, very understanding, sweet, caring and patient. I find that she is truly gifted because she not only looks into what the current and future holds but she also guides you and coaches you. Thank you for everything Marishka xo


  • I just want to say how much I enjoyed my time spent with Marishka Glynne!! All I can say is that she is one AMAZING woman with such a beautiful soul. You helped me to change my thought process today and for that I am truly thankful. I am starting to read her book - The Master Switch - Turn on Your Success.

    Kelly Giroux-Kanary
    Owner - Mon Petit Bijou

  • Marishka is a diamond in the sky when I needed it the most. She was able to put my troubles into perspective and made me feel very relaxed and settled. She has a calming way about her that truly helped me understand what I was going through. Most of all she is always available to talk. It means the world to me to be able to reach her when I need her. If anyone needs life clarification or interested in what's around the corner, you need to make an appointment. Believe me you won't regret it! Thanks very much Marishka from the bottom of my heart!

    Grimsby Ontario


    Jeff Dousharm
    Business Owner and International Author

  • Marishka is a very unique and special woman. Her consultation's are encouraging and enlightening on so many levels. Marishka has the uncanny ability to 'see' into the future ­ it blows me away when many of her predictions come true! Marishka is consistently positive, always professional and she truly stands out in her profession. I have recommended many people to Marishka and will continue to do so.

    Lorrie Clark
    Partner, PSG Inc. Toronto

  • As always, Marishka brings clarity to my situation and validation. She is a constant reminder not to give up hope and has been right on with her predictions. They may not happen when you want them to but her intuition is right on and they do come to pass. She will not give you a band aid. If it's not good, she'll tell you and tell you what you need to do. If it's good, she will do the same to keep you on your path. She is worth a million stars! Thank you Marishka! You are true to your clients!

    New York City

  • Trust her she is right ! I can count on her for what ever my needs are she knows the answer. Try her and you will see.

    San Diego California

  • Marishka is one of the most intelligent, intuitive and gifted readers I have ever had the privilege to speak with. She has been a guide to me for many years. I thank you Marishka for being there for me in my most difficult times and shedding light and promise for a happy future. I will continue on my path and allow this journey to unfold.

    Thank you!

    South Carolina

  • I don't know how she does it but Marishka has been right on the mark any time I've imposed upon her intuition for information.

    As a professional who takes a highly analytical approach to everything I do I found Marishka's accuracy unsettling at first. That being said, her insightful explanations about the nature of intuition and the many ways we use it daily without even realizing it have been instructive and fascinating. Psychic hoopla is generally very hard to swallow and I distrust much of it instinctively. But Marishka's consistency - coupled with the personal integrity she brings to the world -- certainly give me pause for thought!

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

    Susan Crossman, Crossman Communications
    Toronto Ont.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us at our Staff Holiday Party! Your reading was an amazing experience to everyone. Your words were very exhilarating, energizing and uplifting! On behalf of all the staff we thank you for your time spent and wish all the very best in all your future endeavours!

    The Boulevard Club, Toronto Ontario
    HR - Wendy Gurrieri

  • Hired Marishka to give a workshop on Numerology at a group weekend. She provided great material that the participants used well after the workshop was over.

    The Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario
    Natalie Bauer, Assistant to President

  • Little did I realize, I was about to hear an amazing woman. Her name, MARISHKA. She entered the room, smiling. It was obvious, she was excited to share her knowledge and help the attendees better understand their life's unfolding.

    MARISHKA'S presentation was easily and clearly delivered. She provided me additional awareness tools, helping as I journey life's earth school. If you have an opportunity to attend her presentations, I highly recommend. I'm a wiser, more informed woman having heard her words. Thank you MARISHKA and may your path continue to be blessed.

    Paulette Quain, Professional Motivator
    Magnificientyou, New York

  • Marishka is an extraordinary, bubbly and vibrant entrepreneur who goes out of her way to make her clients feel welcome and special. Her high energy stimulates her clients to surpass their goals. She mentors, motivates and inspires her clients in their deeds and experiences. Through numerous courses taken world-wide, she strives to be the innovator in her profession. She is now becoming a world-class speaker and author.

    Christine Whitlock, Women Who Excel
    Burlington, Canada

  • I came into the session not knowing what to expect. I desperately needed clarity, focus, direction, and even a little confidence. Marishka gave me all four! I learned so much about myself, the choices I had made in life, and everything that I had once seen as negative was now put into perspective. Moreover, Marishka does not deliver “bad” news. There is a genuine care for people, and Marishka made me feel very comfortable. She was very honest, and presented the truth with so much compassion

    Laurice Gomes
    Mississauga, Ontario